Comfort-One - ConnectPlus programmable smart thermostat for electric underfloor heating with home automation

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THE SunStat ConnectPlus thermostat allows you to remotely access and control your underfloor heating system. It is compatible with Alexa And Hey Google , which allows you to control it by voice. Here are some of its features:

  1. Automatic clock setting : The thermostat automatically adjusts the time based on your time zone.
  2. Reading the current outside temperature : You can check the outside temperature directly on the screen.
  3. Weather compensation : The thermostat adapts the floor temperature according to weather conditions.
  4. Shutdown in hot weather : In the event of excessive heat, the underfloor heating switches off automatically.

The ConnectPlus thermostat connects to your home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled via apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. You can download the free app Watts Home from the App Store or Google Play to manage your system remotely.

Its modern and refined design fits perfectly into your interior. Other features include power consumption monitoring, email or SMS notifications, landscape or vertical mounting, and 915 MHz wireless technology for connectivity with optional equipment (SunStat Relay R4 and ConnectPlus Smart Sensor). In addition, it has a touch screen of 4.3 inches and a three-year warranty.