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Comfort-One - Black R4 Thermostat Relay for Heating Systems 15 Amps for 120V and 240V
Save $48.25
Comfort-One - ConnectPlus programmable smart thermostat for electric underfloor heating with home automation
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Comfort-One - Thermostat Control
Comfort-One - Thermostat Control Sale price$275.50 CAD Regular price$323.11 CAD
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Comfort-One - Core Thermostat
Comfort-One - Core Thermostat Sale price$152.50 CAD Regular price$176.30 CAD
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Comfort-One - 120V heating cable
Comfort-One - 120V heating cable Sale priceFrom $194.50 CAD Regular price$225.30 CAD
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Comfort-One - 240V heating cable
Comfort-One - 240V heating cable Sale priceFrom $189.50 CAD Regular price$255.85 CAD