Comfort-One - 120V heating cable

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THE Comfort-One heating cables For 120 Volt electric radiant floor offer you a solution to take advantage of the warmth and comfort heated floors. Here are the advantages of these cables:

  1. Single diameter : Cables are designed with a uniform diameter for easy and efficient installation.
  2. Energy saving : They allow energy savings of up to 28% compared to other heating systems.
  3. Without electromagnetic fields : Unlike some systems, these cables are free from electromagnetic fields.
  4. Reduction of dust and allergy risks : With radiant heat, there is less air circulation, which reduces dust and allergens.
  5. Maintaining the ideal humidity level : Unlike other heating systems, Comfort-One cables do not dry out the air, which is beneficial for your comfort.
  6. Aesthetics and layout : As they are hidden under the ground, there are no visible elements, which offers more design possibilities.
  7. No maintenance required : Once installed, heating cables do not require any regular maintenance.

Enjoy a warm and comfortable floor with Comfort-One heating cables! 

Blanket: 20 ft2