Schluter - DITRA-HEAT-E-HK-RK Heating Cable Repair Kit

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THE heating cables Schluter-DITRA-HEAT-E-HK are specially designed to integrate into the DITRA-HEAT uncoupling membrane in interior heated floors.

Here are some important tips for using Schluter-DITRA-HEAT heating cables:

  1. Avoid purchasing heating cables to cover the entire tiled surface . This could lead to overheating.
  2. Never cut or modify the heating cable . Any alteration of its resistance could damage the cable and cause heating problems.
  3. Alternative cable layout : You can arrange the cable alternately, for example three studs apart, then two studs, in certain areas or over the entire floor. This practice allows for increased heating power (for example, on uninsulated or concrete subfloors below grade) or the use of a longer cable in a specific area (when the three-stud arrangement d The interval does not allow the minimum spacing to be respected from walls, partitions, etc.).
  4. Avoid the four-stud spaced arrangement , as it could result in uneven heat distribution.
  5. Minimum distances :
    • Walls, partitions and fixed cabinets: 2 inches (50mm) .
    • Heat sources (electric baseboard heaters, fireplaces, forced air heating systems, etc.): 8 inches (200mm) .
    • Drains and forced air ducts: 4 inches (100mm) .
    • From the center line of toilet drains: 7 inches (180mm) .
  6. Avoid laying heating cables :
    • Under vanities with no air space underneath.
    • Under bath platforms and freestanding bathtubs with no air space underneath.
    • In cabinets, kitchen islands and other accessories.
    • In small storage spaces or clothes closets where the floor covering continues. Excessive heat buildup could result in overheating.
    • NEVER pass the heating cable under solid objects without an air gap .