REGAL Select exterior with high filling power

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REGAL Select Exterior High Build Paint is a thick, 100% acrylic, high build formula that fills small cracks and cavities in fewer coats.

  • Smear-resistant formula with a wet film thickness of up to 20 mils, allowing for a thicker coat to be applied to a variety of substrates including wood, vinyl, PVC, masonry and fiber cement
  • Excellent flow and spreadability properties allow for easier gliding, for a smooth, high-build finish regardless of gloss
  • Flexible, high-build formula helps fill small cracks and cover slight surface imperfections
  • Breathable film allows internal moisture to escape, reducing the risk of blistering and peeling
  • Application at temperatures as low as 1.7° (35°F) extends the season for painting projects
  • Provides an anti-mold coating
  • Limited lifetime warranty (more info on the technical sheet)
  • Designed with the Gennex MD color technology
  • Consult the sales sheet to know more

Ideally suited when the following benefits are required:

  • High filling power for superior coverage in fewer coats.
  • A low-sheen, slightly reflective finish with an even shine that provides a rich appearance
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