Regal Select Interior Paint

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A premium 100% acrylic paint that provides moldings and accents with a durable, washable finish. Ideal for surfaces subject to wear and dirt, it uses exclusive anti-stain technology which makes common stains easily disappear with soapy water and offers exceptional fluidity and spreading properties for easy application. smooth.

  • Durability and reliability that stand the test of time
  • Resistance to friction marks, stains and traces of shine caused by everyday wear and tear
  • Exclusive anti-stain technology to easily remove stains and spills
  • Unbeatable flow and spreading properties
  • Excellent covering power and quick drying to complete projects faster, even with pale colors
  • Choice of more than 3,500 unrivaled colors
  • Gennex MD coloring technology that uniquely combines our exclusive colorants and formulas
  • Consult the sales sheet to find out more
Format: Gallon


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