Flextherm - 120/240V programmable thermostat with GFCI

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THE Flextherm FLP35 is a programmable thermostat for electric heated floors . Here are its main characteristics:

  • 9 cm (3.5 inch) color touchscreen : Provides access to a friendly user interface.
  • Energy consumption monitor : You can monitor your energy consumption.
  • Programmable over 7 days : You can set time slots for different days of the week.
  • Suitable for various floor types : Premium tile, stone, laminate, engineered wood, tile or vinyl strips.
  • Dual voltage compatibility : Works with voltages of 120 V and 240 V.
  • Integrated earth leakage circuit breaker (class A) : Ensures electrical safety.

This thermostat is ideal for controlling the temperature of your heated floors and optimizing your comfort.